Green House is an animated title sequence for a mini-series concept developed in my motion graphics course.

To capture the eerie tone of this time traveling sci-fi adventure, I slowed down Mort Garson’s playful song, Plantasia. The illustrations and grainy glow are inspired by the elegance and glamorization of 50s tv and magazine ads. As beauty and opulence start to become intertwined and corrupted by nature, the themes come alive.
In a fight to save the lives of Earth’s underserved population, Nika and Amber engage in a heist for the genetically developed hyper-oxygen-producing plant causing the ecosystem to wither away. In their efforts, they learn more about a plan for a secret society to evacuate the earth and populate a manmade glass planet. As their investigation gets clearer, the girls realize they are on the last space shuttle to a new home. Can they save the human race?

2023 Graphis New Talent Silver Award